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{Independent ROLEPLAY account for the Ottoman Empire in Hetalia.


I will rp with anyone from any fandom.

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This blog is NSFW!

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I don't speak Turkish.}

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Alright friends!!

As I promised here is my giveaway for finally reaching my goal and since I love coffee and way-gay- countries we kinda have a theme going here so bear with me! So let’s cut to the chase!


1. Wake the F’Up Uncensored Coffee, Original Extra Strong, 1 Pound (Free trade.) 

  •   Wake The F’Up coffee is the coffee that keeps you alert for when you’re working or studying late. This coffee makes a seriously strong cup of Joe. 

2. Valhalla Java Ground Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company, Fair Trade and Organic 12 ounce bag

  • This masterful artisan roast has been carefully crafted to provide maximum flavor and caffeine content. This coffee is sure to bring you back from the nights that you never thought you would wake up from.

3. Moomin Valley Water Color Mug Cup 

  • Because you need a cute ass mug when you drink this bad ass coffee, am I right?

4. a Hetalia travel mug 

  • for your boss ass coffee and because you’re a fuckin weeb

5. TWO World flags

  • Of your favorite coutries ( or ships LETS BE HONEST. )

6. Starbucks gift card

  • Because wow you should rly collect these stars :)


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thespy-gilbertprupru replied to your post “So I am going to take this first pill tonight before bed but I am…”

((A pill coupled with someone to talk to works wonders. It will help.))

{Thank you. I hope it does help and I can feel like myself again.}

So I am going to take this first pill tonight before bed but I am super anxious about how it is going to effect me. I don’t want to experience any bad side effects. I hope it helps me because I really need help.


So starting today I am on a anxiety medication. I am praying it works for me. 


Okay so I am experiencing some severe anxiety and I know I have not said anything about it but it has gotten worse over the course of this year after I lost my father back in November of last year. I think I am going to go to the doctor soon and see if I can get any help for it since I am experiencing some physical symptoms of anxiety that I have not ever felt before.

I am not going to say I am going on hiatus but I might be away from tumblr for a few more days at least.

You may find me on my personal account.


Im sorry for my absence again. I am cramping and moody so I am in no condition to be on tumblr.


Leave ‘Lived long enough to become the villain’ to get a glimpse of my muse being a villain.



Alternatively, leave ‘Had a change of heart’ to see my muse become the hero.

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flowersingreece asked: It watches you sleep. That's about it for sleeping in bed or sleeping over or kfmfkld;sdl the heck it is.

Wakes up through the night.


Anonymous asked: *cant belly dance so twerks instead*

Still isn’t sure what to think about twerking. 

Anonymous asked: Are you embarrassed by Ottoman when he starts bellydancing for everyone?



Not really, he’s actually good at it. Though I would prefer if he didn’t just suddenly come out and just start dancing. 

"Spontaneous dancing is the best kind of dancing." 

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