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Galata Tower, Galata, İstanbul,Turkey


Türk hamam, Ottoman bath - Turkish bath

hey lets play how hot is that character


hey lets play how hot is that character

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Hot | Sexy | LORD MERCY

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To whoever sent me that anon or anyone else,can you please not send anything to that mun? She doesn’t deserve any hate and probably had her reasons for all this. 

I don’t want to dig a deeper hole than the one I’m already in.

This isn’t my business at all but I will warn you that talking about your business publicly will only cause more problems for you and the person you called out. If you still have value in the relationship than I don’t suggest talking about it for everyone to see. From personal experience I can say that it has never ended well for me and for other people. 

If the anon really cares about who it is than they should come off anon and talk privately to you about it. 


Zodiac Gemini facts.

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ask-serbia asked: [Text]: When you get home, remember this. It wasn’t me.

[Text: Serb] I don’t like the sound of that.

tiredruins asked: [Text]: Are you naked?

[Text: Brat] Do you want pictures?

Text my muse one of the following…


  • [Text]: There’s blood. There’s a lot of blood.
  • [Text]: I’m going to need a ride home. Don’t ask why.
  • [Text]: Mission failed.
  • [Text]: I may have accidentally handcuffed myself to the stairs.
  • [Text]: When you get home, remember this. It wasn’t me.
  • [Text]: I hear the voices when I’m dreaming.
  • [Text]: Are you naked?
  • [Text]: Come over to my place and play strip poker.
  • [Text]: What do you prefer, chocolate syrup or whip cream?
  • [Text]: Answer me honestly. Am I hot?
  • [Text]: Do you wanna have a sleepover?
  • [Text]: Truth or dare?
  • [Text]: That’s illegal.
  • [Text]: I’ve always wanted to hear you beg. How about tonight?

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"Right now… she sleeps with us— we’re gonna ask Sweden to build us a crib…" he said softly, looking down at his daughter, who stared up at the big scary man Turkey with wide, lavender eyes. And in an instant, she started crying, "O-oi! Sh-shh… sweetie, I know he’s scary, but your uncles are way scarier— you’ll get used to it…" he cooed, holding her close and bouncing her gently.

Sadik straightens back up and takes his mask off to show it to her, “see, its just a mask,” he slides it into his pocket. Now it will just be his overbearing personality that scares her.

"Yer a cutie~ I will buy ya plenty of stuff, princess~" 

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